Friday, June 25, 2004

Bloggers of the World, Unite! 

I know I promised that this section of the blog would be non-political stuff, but I have to note here that Nick Barlow has offered Norman Geras an admirable suggestion as to what should be done with the UN:

Either make it into a genuine force for promoting democracy, freedom and human rights throughout the world or just replace it with a randomly selected panel of bloggers, as they seem to think they have all the answers.

I hadn't toured the Barlow blog very much before, but it turns out to be witty, concise and occasionally erudite. How I envied him until I discovered he was a Liberal Democrat! He also runs A Fistful of Euros which seems to be pro-EU & pro-Euro from a soft-left point of view.

One of his many redeeming features, however, is that he is a fan of Bill Hicks .

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